Wednesday, 11 April 2012

How do you give back?

Repinned from Good Words by Penny Maggio
 At the recent Digital Parents Conference that I attended I was lucky enough to hear Eden Riley speak – she’s a brilliant blogger who has just gotten back from visiting Niger in Africa with World Vision. It was an amazing opportunity and she writes very honestly and at times heartbreakingly and humorously about her time there. It has made me think about whether we do enough to help people in the work who are less fortunate than us. Let’s be honest, we live charmed lives. I know I am very lucky but sometimes I need a kick up the arse to make me appreciate it.

We sponsor 2 children, the first one, a 14 year old girl in Mannya which is in Uganda through the Cotton On Foundation. Both of her parents passed away and she has 3 brothers and 2 sisters. She likes playing netball, singing and dancing and wants to be a teacher. The key areas that this money goes to are: health care, education, infrastructure and sustainability. The Cotton On Foundation does a lot of work to help this community and they even send over 50 of their staff from around the world each year to volunteer.

Eden Riley was partnered with World Vision and they do amazing work helping children and all people similar to our 14 year old sponsor child in Mannya.

We also sponsor a young boy in Australia through the Smith Family and the money donated here goes to education costs like books, uniform etc. He likes to play soccer and wants to be a teacher too! I was originally attracted to this charity as I wanted to give in Australia also and I have been so blessed with the opportunities my parents gave me in regards to education. They wanted the best for me and I always knew I’d go to university because I could. It steered the course of my life for good.

Another great charity that I have learned of since living in Geelong is “Give Where You Live” (formally United way). This charity aims to raise money for the Geelong community which I like. They aim to reduce income, education and health disadvantage in the Geelong region.

So, I certainly do something I regards to helping others but is it really enough? I have a lot left over which was brought home to me again yesterday as I did a  cull of my kids toys. What a luxury to be able to do a toy cull!  How much crap can 2 little girls play with? Food for thought.

I really encourage you to read Eden’s blog – its heart wrenching and inspiring too.

Edenland - you can't outrun your shadow.

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  1. I love that quote Mezzie. We made the move over the weekend and finally sponsored a child. Her photo arrived today and Lulu took it off my hands and put it pride of place in her bedroom.
    Heres a link to a really nice book about bedrooms of children all over the world. I plan on sharing it with Lulu.


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